Talk Series

August 14

Day 1
Brain Space Initiative: A Social and Technical Resource for Advancing Brain Research
  • Vince Calhoun TReNDS Center

August 28

Day 2
Brain dynamics and flexible behaviors
  • Lucina Uddin University of Miami

September 11

Day 3
Updates from ENIGMA: Worldwide collaborative methods
  • Jessica Turner TReNDS Center & Georgia State University

September 25

Day 4
Leveraging biological knowledge: From Brain Mapping to predictive models
  • Simon Eickhoff Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf

October 9

Day 5
New Maps of Activation, Connectivity, and Hierarchy using Ultra High Resolution fMRI
  • Peter Bandettini National Institute of Mental Health

October 23

Day 6
Everything you wish to know about critical brain dynamics but are afraid to ask
  • Dante Chialvo Universidad Nacional de San Martin

November 6

Day 7
Disentangling the intrinsic functional architecture of the brain
  • Shella Keilholz Georgia Institution of Technology

November 20

Day 8
Connectivity through dynamics: surprise and variance reduction
  • Daniele Marinazzo Ghent University

December 4

Day 9
Graph signal processing for computational neuroimaging
  • Dimitri Van De Ville EPFL and University of Geneva

December 18

Day 10
Causal models of brain function
  • Adeel Razi Monash University

January 15

Day 11
Representation learning and alignment in biological and artificial neural networks
  • Eva Dyer Georgia Institution of Technology & Emory University

January 29

Day 12
Mapping early brain network changes in neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular disorders: a longitudinal perspective
  • Juan (Helen) Zhou National University of Singapore